Save Wotter


Well, I didn’t post yesterday, so I’m making up for it by sharing a cute picture of a baby sea otter. It was recently orphaned and rescued from a beach in San Mateo County.

Right below the news story about the otter was one about a severe drought in Brazil, of all places, which inspired me to make up the word “wotter.”

Of course, we’re having our own drought here in California. Apparently, it’s really bad in Oprah’s neighborhood.

I’m doing my part by having my front lawn ripped out and replaced by drought resistant native plants, along with a drip system. When it’s finished I’ll share before and after pictures on the good ole┬áblog. Maybe you have a pet project that would contribute to water conservation? If so, hit the comments.

Happy Friday! I’m going to geek out tonight at the opening of Interstellar!