The Pants


It was Memorial Day, May 29, 2011, when I bought these ski pants. I had driven to Squaw Valley not suspecting that it would snow so late in the season, so I didn’t bring ski pants with me, but it was snowing steadily as I drove up the access road.

There was a ski shop on the right side of the road and I went inside, hoping they had some late season deals so I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on an extra pair of ski pants just for that day. Sure enough, many items were 50% off, including the pants shown above.

Now, imagine yourself looking at these pants and trying to decide whether to buy them, with the idea you would actually wear them; not hypothetically, but that very day. At first it seemed so outlandish that the very thought was absurd, but I decided I would at least try them on. Hmmm, this could be an interesting look, but it would take some guts to own a pair of pants like this; you would have to be ready for ridicule from your fellow denizens of the slopes.

How wrong I was about that. This is the only pair of ski pants I’ve worn since I bought them. And every time I do, I get at least a dozen compliments. Dude, those pants are sick! Those are really cool pants! Wow, I bet your family has no problem finding you in a crowd! That last one has a lot of truth to it, actually. I’m the only person I’ve ever seen wearing ski pants like these and you can easily spot me in a crowd of hundreds of other skiers and boarders. Also, if I ever get lost in the back country, the rescuers would have a head start. Hell, I’m practically visible from space.

Since I like the pants so much, I should give credit to the Loudmouth brand, which also makes golf clothes.