The Road Trip


This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago on Interstate 395 in eastern Oregon. As you can see, you won’t have many fellow travelers on this particular road. It’s a good route if you like to drive fast and you’re driving from California to Alberta in Canada.

It’s also a good route if you’re driving with your kid(s) and you want to use the drive time to talk with them, because there’s no cell phone coverage at all. ┬áNo irritating data to distract them. It’s amazing how much you can catch up when their electronics are out of the way. As a single parent I recommend road trips as a way to reconnect.

It rained just as the sun was setting, so we stopped the car and caught some good moments, like this one, which I took with the panorama functionality on my IPhone. If you look carefully at the extreme right of the photo you can see the front end of my car, which faithfully executed a 5K (that’s five thousand miles) without any problems. It’s an Inifiniti FX50S, which is somewhat rare. I’ve only seen two others since I bought it in 2012.


The main destination of the trip was Calgary, but there were many stops along the way. Why Calgary? Because there’s a very large rodeo there called The Stampede. I have a fond memory of attending the Calgary Stampede on a road trip with my dad when I was about my daughter’s age and I wanted to pass that memory along.

I’ll be blogging about the road trip for the next few weeks, along with some other cool stuff. I’ve been on radio silence for the past few months, for reasons I won’t go into. The good news is that now I have a lot of things to write about. Thanks for reading.