The Pants


It was Memorial Day, May 29, 2011, when I bought these ski pants. I had driven to Squaw Valley not suspecting that it would snow so late in the season, so I didn’t bring ski pants with me, but it was snowing steadily as I drove up the access road.

There was a ski shop on the right side of the road and I went inside, hoping they had some late season deals so I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on an extra pair of ski pants just for that day. Sure enough, many items were 50% off, including the pants shown above.

Now, imagine yourself looking at these pants and trying to decide whether to buy them, with the idea you would actually wear them; not hypothetically, but that very day. At first it seemed so outlandish that the very thought was absurd, but I decided I would at least try them on. Hmmm, this could be an interesting look, but it would take some guts to own a pair of pants like this; you would have to be ready for ridicule from your fellow denizens of the slopes.

How wrong I was about that. This is the only pair of ski pants I’ve worn since I bought them. And every time I do, I get at least a dozen compliments. Dude, those pants are sick! Those are really cool pants! Wow, I bet your family has no problem finding you in a crowd! That last one has a lot of truth to it, actually. I’m the only person I’ve ever seen wearing ski pants like these and you can easily spot me in a crowd of hundreds of other skiers and boarders. Also, if I ever get lost in the back country, the rescuers would have a head start. Hell, I’m practically visible from space.

Since I like the pants so much, I should give credit to the Loudmouth brand, which also makes golf clothes.


I was going to share a photo of me from today’s ski trip that was taken by a professional photographer who works for EpicMix, but when I tried to purchase it I got the following error message: Oops! We cannot process your request at this time. Please try again later. So I tried again later, and again, later. No dice.

EpicMix is a website that is supposed to provide an on-line experience for season pass holders by aggregating data about their ski experience using an RFID chip that is in the ski pass itself. You can go online to EpicMix, sign in with your pass number, and see how many vertical feet you’ve skied on a particular day, among other things.

Good stuff, unless you want to buy the option to own all of the photos the EpicMix photographers take of you, your family and friends. In that instance, you’re our of luck. You’re also out of luck if you want to nest a link to the EpicMix website in your blog post. Apparently, they’re touchy about that because when I tried to do it, the draft of my post disappeared and was unrecoverable.

I haven’t smoked at all today, and was feeling great until running into the EpicMix problems. It’s at times like these when I crave the negation of smoking; that’s what I’ve decided it really is: negation.

Anyway, I’m sticking with my plan. I’m not going to let some lame website ruin things for me.