Spring Cleaning


It started with a visit to the tax preparer. I was asked to present certain documents that I thought I had received and knew I had received, but that I’d misplaced, being the single parent that I am. So I went home and searched every nook and cranny. I never found said documents and concluded that I had to embark on an effort to clean up my home office.

Nothing nefarious. It’s just that when you’re hit with the death of your spouse due to illness, there’s a natural tendency to avoid looking at old records because you’re reminded of your married life, which is traumatic; if you loved the person involved at the time of their death, which was the case with me.

I kept stumbling upon stuff that triggered memories. I won’t go into that here.

I’ve spent the last few weeks spending all my free time cleaning out my office and getting rid of dated material. All this paper needed to be shredded; or so I thought; to keep it private; to prevent identity theft; it’s so hard to recognize the line on something like that; it keeps evolving. Anyway, I shredded a lot of stuff. I’ve spent most of my free time doing that the last few weeks, which is why I haven’t posted on this blog.

I think this has larger applications to the population of people who are aged. We may, someday, be visited by some regulatory authority that says we’re out of compliance. I hope to be one of the evaluators rather than the subject under evaluation.

Now I’m blogging about it and wondering if that’s the best way to go. Oh well. I did it to clear out my home office so I wouldn’t feel like a hoarder.

You need to move on from things, and I felt I needed to seal the silver mine as regards the records related to my spouse; who is deceased through no fault of mine, and who I miss terribly every day.

I love you Lisa, if you can hear me. I’ve kept the good stuff.

I’m moving on now.



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