Super Bowl Carousel


I went to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, as I’ve done the last five years now. A ton has already been written about the game itself, so instead I’m going to write about other stuff, mostly.

This year me and my crew stayed at the Wynn. In past years we stayed at another place that shall go unnamed because we couldn’t stand to stay there again; it was that bad. The Wynn, by comparison, is the best place I’ve ever stayed in Las Vegas. The photo above is of a carousel decoration in the lobby that looks like it came off a Rose Parade float. The hotel itself is very nice, but the service is what sets it apart. If you plan on visiting Las Vegas I recommend the Wynn. It’s more expensive, but well worth it if you can afford to stay there.

Which brings me to the topic of tipping. I always try to stick with 20% unless the service is sub-par. This is true especially when you’re accessing a premium service, like a nice hotel or restaurant. My theory is that if you can afford a higher-end place, you can afford to tip generously. A friend asked, what if you order a thousand dollar omelet? Well, then you can afford a two hundred dollar tip. If you think of all the things that money gets spent on for recreation, the tips are impactful to a segment of the workforce that relies on tips to supplement income.

In a previous post in advance of my Las Vegas trip to the Super Bowl, I said I wasn’t going to bet on the game. Well, once I got there and it was two hours before game time, I couldn’t resist, even though I’m not a fan of either team. This was a game that didn’t really have an underdog. The Patriots were one point favorites when I placed my bet. As I was standing in line at the Sports Book my brother texted me and predicted a Patriots win. He’s been correct in his Super Bowl predictions for 15 years out of the last 16, so I went with that, plus the over parlay, which means the combined score between the two teams had to exceed 47.5 points.

If you watched the game you know what happened. I thought I was going to lose my bet there at the end, when Seahawks player Jermaine Kearse made an incredible juggling catch to give his team a chance for the win. Then came what is undoubtedly the most head-scratching play call by an NFL coach I’ve ever seen. The Seahawks were one yard away from a come-back win, and their coach calls for a pass, which was intercepted.

So I won my bet, but even better, there was a slow motion replay of Richard Sherman’s reaction to the interception. He looked like a six year old that had just been told there’s no Santa Claus. Classic.

All in all, a fun trip. My gambling success almost paid for the whole thing.

Next year the Super Bowl will be held in Santa Clara, so I may hang around the Bay Area for that one.



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