I’ve never owned a gun. I’ve never even shot one, which I surmise is unusual for someone born and raised in America. Most people who live here own a gun or have at least shot one.

I was never around guns growing up, so that’s one reason our paths have never crossed until today. I’m on vacation with relatives and they own a couple of pistols, which they brought along for sport. We’re about to leave to go a homemade shooting range in the forest. Yes, it’s legal to do that in any National forest, but there are rules. You can’t shoot within 150 yards of a campground, or over a trail, or over water. Other than that, it’s perfectly legal, which seems weird to me, but I guess that’s freedom.

This morning my relative showed me how to disassemble the pistol shown above, which 9mm Sig Sauer, which is the same gun issued by the Federal Government to the Navy Seals. I must admit that it has a certain allure; it’s kind of cool, thus the title of this post.

Last night my relative and I were drinking and he wanted to show me the gun, unloaded, of course. I declined because that’s just a bad narrative. It seems like stories about accidental shootings seem to crop up more this time of year.

I’m going to the homemade shooting range today and I’ll post again after I shoot for the first time.

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