Conference Update: Steve Uzzell

uzzell open road

Every year the conference begins with a speaker that is not a subject matter expert for the profession I work in. This year the speaker was a guy named Steve Uzzell and I can’t recall a better opening speaker in the years I’ve been attending the conference.

Steve Uzzell is a former photographer for National Geographic magazine. While he spoke, he displayed some of his photography on two large screens. His work is amazing.

The subject matter of his speech was quite philosophical in that he tied his photography methods into a larger theme that could be applied to any vocation, or life in general. One of the points he made is that if you prepare well and know where you want to end up, a sort of magic will happen. He made this point by saying that a key element of remarkable photography is chance; perhaps the sun coming out from behind a cloud at just the right moment. Or a boat sailing into the lens frame. But these chance moments can only occur when you prepare well and know where you want to end up. But if you do those things, the magic happens over, and over.

If you want to learn more about his work, click on the link above. Oh, and if you’re looking for a great speaker for your next conference I highly recommend him.

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