Film Review: Interstellar


I just saw the new film Interstellar by director Christopher Nolan, who also directed my favorite Batman film, The Dark Knight. While Interstellar will not be everyone’s cup of tea, if you enjoy science fiction (as I do) it is a must see film.

Nolan swings for the fences in an audacious attempt to blend and balance a wide variety of dramatic elements into a cohesive narrative. The film is, at turns, action-packed, philosophical, geek-centric, and, most importantly, deeply emotional. Nolan manages to spin a tale that expands the mind and moves the heart simultaneously. It’s a neat trick, and he pulls it off, aided by the very capable performances of the cast.

Matthew McConaughey plays a former astronaut struggling to survive and support his family as a farmer on a dying Earth. He does a good job portraying a man in a unique situation, forced to make impossible choices. This is the emotional component of the film and it is very effective. MM deserves credit for that, because it could easily be perceived as emotional manipulation, but it comes off as genuine. He puts the viewer in an emotional box and invites you to face the same questions as his character. His performance is a reason to see the film, even if you’re not a fan of science fiction.

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