It’s usually a big deal in my town, in part because there are a lot of spooky looking Victorian-era homes that are decorated for the holiday. A lot of people go all out.

Then there’s the trick or treaters, who come from other Bay Area cities to join in the fun. I usually go through five bags of candy on a typical Halloween, but this year was different. I barely handed out two bags of candy when the treat or treaters petered out at 8 o’clock. They usually keep ringing the doorbell well past 9 o’clock.

I thought that was strange, but I think I know the reason. It wasn’t the rain, which stopped in the afternoon.

I think it was a combination of people worried about Ebola and a lone wolf attack inspired by ISIS. I know that may sound crazy, except that I had feelings of anxiety during the week, wondering if something would happen to my daughter, who had only started trick or treating with friends, sans chaperone, the year before.

In retrospect it was needless and probably unwarranted anxiety on my part, but if I was feeling it in the week leading up to Halloween, there were probably other people having the same experience.

Scary, indeed.

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