The nexus of momentum and pressure.

Last night’s game four of the World Series exemplified everything I love about baseball. More focused, it emphasized my perception of the connection between momentum and pressure when it comes to competition. Like I said in my previous post, I have a mixed rooting interest in the outcome of this series, so my reaction to last night’s outcome is not a function of fandom.

On a tangential note, it was bliss to watch a great baseball game without the stress of caring, though I did find myself rooting for the Giants in the 5th inning. My reaction to that inning has less to do with being a fan of the Giants (I’m not), and more to do with the arc of that particular game.

I was in England for a week this past summer and they don’t have baseball on TV in your hotel room (at least not in our room). I pointed this out in a pub and got mixed reactions; one guy saying they have it on ESPN (which may or may not be on your hotel plan) and another saying that baseball is boring. I didn’t engage on that one, because, subjectivity aside, baseball is not inherently boring. It may or may not be boring in any given instance. Last night’s game was objectively not boring. I challenge anyone to argue that it was boring.

So the point of this post is that I thought the Giants were dead and buried when the score was 4 to 1 Royals.

Somehow, someway, they clawed back to a huge win. How did that happen?

I don’t presume to know, but if you recorded the game it seems like the 5th inning was informative. That was when the tide turned. You can look at the score card and decide for yourself, but watching it on TV? I think I saw the precise moment when the pressure got to the Royals. I’m not going to identify that moment, because this is a general comment and not intended to flame anyone. I’m just saying’.

When that happened the whole thing collapsed as concerns KC. I don’t presume to know the outcome of this series, but I think it’s advantage Giants. Only because they’ve been through it before. Go KC, sort of.

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