My first blog post.


When I thought about writing a blog I wanted it to be expansive but also to avoid annoying people unnecessarily. Maybe that’s an impossible contradiction, but I’ll let readers decide whether I’m succeeding.

Let’s take the World Series, for example.

I’m primarily a fan of the Oakland Athletics. The home team experienced a major fail this year. Is it annoying to point that out? Is it annoying to share my opinion on the mid-year trade of Yoenis Cespedes for John Lester, which seems to have had a deleterious effect on the team? The answer is: yes, it probably annoys some people to point these things out.

So instead, I’ll write about my experience watching this year’s World Series. You see, as an A’s fan and resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, I have a mixed rooting interest. On the one hand, I guess I should root for the Giants because they’re sort of the home team. A lot of A’s fans hate the Giants. I’m not one of them, although I don’t really consider myself a huge fan of the Giants. The first time they won the World Series was fun to watch; that’s undeniable. But I don’t tune in to their games much during the regular season. On the other hand, the Royals beat the A’s in the wild card game, so you might assume that I want the Giants to beat the crap out of the Royals, but it’s not that easy. Now that the Royals have made it to the World Series it would be great to be able to say, well, they beat the A’s, but hey, that year they beat everyone. Complicated. And not annoying. At least not intended to be annoying, with some thought put into that aspect. That’s sort of my goal for this blog.

Thanks for reading.


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